Friday, November 19, 2010

Snyder's Pretzel Dips
Hershey's Milk & Special Dark + York Peppermint

behold, 3 reasons, one of them brand-y new, to eat less ice cream and more pretzels

mmmmm, I love pretzels. And I love chocolate. I really might have no greater weakness than my love of chocolate covered pretzels, especially GOOD chocolate covered pretzels. You know the best part? Unlike those posers Rold Gold, these bad boys are twice as healthy as the competition (note, see second scoop). HEHEHEHE, I'm just teasing RG, but I'm definitely a Snyder's fan. In fact, I'm pretty sure I was born with a pretzel in my mouth. (just how good is Snyders? Check the fact that Snyder's is the largest producer of pretzels on the entire planet!)

Anyway, Market Basket had these bags at 2 for $5 about 6-7 weeks ago and I have been badly hooked every since (probably because they are still on sale!). I'm a sucker for dark chocolate and I've gone through at least a half dozen bags of the ones dipped in hershey's special dark chocolate. Mmmmmmm, man these are so good!

Oh, sorry, losing my point. Last time I was at the store, I found the NEW York Peppermint Pretzel Sandwich Dips. I specifically bought them for my york lovin' wife, but I did manage to snag one which was enough to tell me that while they did remind me of a peppermint patty on a pretzel I still prefer my special dark. (we actually haven't cracked open the regular milk chocolate ones yet)

Take it from a man who has eaten way too many pretzels, the dark chocolate ones are fantastic.

Snyders (dark chocolate) vs Rold Gold (dark chocolate)
fat: 4.5 vs 6
sat fat: 2.5 vs 5

fiber: 2 vs 2
sugar: 8 v 10
protein: 2 vs 2

On Second Scoop Bite: Well, first I should say that I wasn't comparing Snyders nutrition to Rold Gold's nutrition 1:1, I didn't expect the big difference between dark and milk chocolate. I have corrected this error. Anyway, I needed a chocolate fix this morning so I broke open the bag of Hershey's milk chocolate dips and i don't like them nearly as much as the others. They taste just like a Hershey's kiss and unfortunately long ago I learned to hate Hershey's kisses. There's just something unpleasant about that chocolate and these taste just like it. I will honestly admit that once I shoved in a half dozen I did start to lose the urge to stop, but to me there is no comparison. special dark all the way!!

Snyders (milk chocolate) vs Rold Gold (milk chocolate)
fat: 6 vs 7
sat fat: 3.5 vs 5
fiber: lt1 vs 1
sugar: 11 v 12
protein: 2 vs 1

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Hettar7 said...

oh man I love Snyders pretzels too! I've seen these in the store and wanted to get them but was trying to eat up other things first. I'm so going to pick some of these up though soon.