Friday, September 17, 2010

Toppings: NEW Sweet Moments Bite Size Brownies

Remember how I said that Breyers Vanilla Caramel Brownie was kind of boring and in desperate need of more brownie bits? Well, I found the solution to my problem. Sure, it's a bit like using a sledge hammer to drive in small finishing nails, but at least it gets the job done.

These are the new " Decadent & Delicious", Sweet Moments Bite-size, Chocolate Fudge, Ready to Eat Brownies from Pillsbury. Wow, that was a mouthful. They also come in caramel, but my ice cream demands chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate.

Here they are upclose and personal. They aren't quite the same as the packaging, but close enough I guess. Now I didn't marr the thick outer shell, they just come that way.  Notice the thick, dark, fudgy strip in the middle. Then we have solid brownie layers above and below that. The whole thing is then covered with a thick, chocolaty shell. They aren't quite a full inch cube, but they are big enough that I was able to easily cut it multiple times to make 8 small cubes per brownie bite. Actually, let me put it this way. It says brownie bite, but it's a BIG bite. You'll be tempted to inhale the first one as a whole bite, but at 21% saturated fat for a serving of three, I'm guessing you'll be biting them in half after you try the first one.

Describing them is a little tough. Now you will find them in the refridgerated section of the grocery store and personally, I've never really eaten refridgerated brownies. I mean, I've had the cold brownies you find in DQ treats, but that's it. I leave my brownies out so they are room temp (well, if I haven't eaten them all when they are still warm and fresh from the oven). So my intial impression is that of a cold, somewhat dried out, brownie bite with a crackable shell. It's definitely not an ooey gooey, oily brownie, and it's not like eating a bite of fudge, though I guess fudge can be a little dry too depending on how it's made. Basically, the coldness and the somewhat dry texture make them seem like they aren't that fresh. Now all in all these bites aren't bad, but I'm certainly not head over heels for them. Maybe you can warm them up, but it said ready to eat, so I ate them!

And here's how they look on a sundae. Oh yeah, that Breyers is way more exciting now! So how does it taste? Well, remember that sledge hammer comment? These brownie bites, even when cut into little cubes, still pack a massive punch. You might try one and go "yeah, that's not bad, pretty chocolately", but the effect is cumulative and I found myself overwhelmed with chocolate flavor. Granted, I didn't dump enough ice cream in my bowl, but I wound up leaving several brownie chunks in my bowl when all was said and done. I was happy and full and my chocolate urge satisfied, so why push it by eating too much.

Conclusion: Sweet moments is something you'll pick up once to try, but I don't see repetitive purchases in my future. (I also have the big heatable version in my fridge, we'll review those soon)

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