Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mini DQ Blizzards ...mine was M&M

man, I just cant seem to catch a writing break these last several days....

Anyway, we headed to DQ saturday afternoon, but rather than get our usually smalls, we decided to go with the minis. Sure the size may be about half, but that doesnt mean the price is half (they were $2.59 a piece)

Sorry, I forgot to bring something to use as a size comparison, so I went with a 16.9fl oz water bottle... or just look at the size of the spoon compared to the size of the dessert.

Anyway, I went with an M&M blizzard and it turned out quite colorful. I don't even remember the last time I had just a plain M&M blizzard (4 or 5 years maybe). I definitely enjoyed it though. Rather than the hard, split, full size M&Ms you find in a twisted frosty, these were heavily chopped up mini M&Ms and they gave up some crunch while not being too hard (you know how frozen M&Ms can be). UPDATE: I was reminded that while eating this treat, I had wished for a few more M&Ms in my cup so that way the M&M flavor would have been a bit stronger.

I will admit that I think this is a smart move by DQ. One, I'm guessing they still have a healthy profit margin. Two, sometimes even a small is too big. I will admit that I was not full when I was done, though I dont really think I had room for a small when we stopped. I guess my only regret is that I should have taken bites a bit more proportional to the size of my treat (don't treat it like a small, treat it like a mini). Again, good call DQ, I'm sure this won't be my first mini....

Actually, let me put it other way for all those parents out there: Rather than feeling guilty about giving my daughter a 600+ calorie blizzard, or alternatively, rather than feeling guilty about taking said blizzard from said daughter before she devours said 600+ calories, I can now get her a mini and we're both happy.

More Info:
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Danielle said...

I just had one of those a few days ago! For me, i would rather have the full size m&m's. The chopped don't taste like m&m's.

Dubba Scoops said...

No, that's a good point. It's definitely a more mild flavor this way... reminds me that I had actually wished for a few more larger m&m bits in my mini blizzard.

Rodzilla said...

I'm all about this new size. It's a great way to have a treat rather than a huge indulgence.