Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ice Cream - The Universal Constant

So, I'm checking out episode 3 of Persons Unknown and what do we have here.

That's right, one of the main characters is drowning her sorrow in some Cherries Jubilee. She's eating the only ice cream in town with the only spoon in town. When all hope is lost, it's time for ice cream.

Funny, I just did a quick Google search for "Cherries Jubilee ice cream" and apparently our characters are hanging out at one funny looking Baskin Robbins. It's kinda funny that no other big ice cream company calls their cherry flavor this. The only other close name that popped up was Hershey Ice Cream's "Cherry Jubilee" ice cream (side note: for accuracy, Bing search led me to these low production brands)

Anyway, it's not the greatest show on the planet, but the characters are decent (including the Christian Bale wannabe and Alan Ruck who we all know from somewhere). This is summer time TV, so it will do just fine.

Cherries Jubilee is just cherry ice cream with cherries, possibly with a hint of an adult beverage. The most similar flavor on the blog: Black Cherry.

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