Thursday, May 20, 2010

People, Planet & Profit

Apparently Ben & Jerry were hanging out down in Raleigh on Tuesday speaking at the North Carolina CEO Forum. They call upon CEOs and companies to care about more than just the bottom line. I love how they say this stuff is not a fad, these initiatives are here to stay. You can do a google search for NC CEO Forum and find links like this. Basically it's a lot of the same stuff we heard from Jerry during our field trip (speaking of that, here's Ben telling everyone the Oreo story).

Anyway, I'm using this as a reminder that even though many weeks have past, I have not forgotten my trip or the need to recap who was there one more time.

The first article up was from Lick My Spoon. The post covers our whole trip and has a bunch more pictures to boot.

Gigi posted an immensely thorough recap of our awesome trip over at Gigi's Reviews.

Then there was this self serving article over at Lemon Drop (note: the gurus Peter and John have been interchanged in the story)

NOTCOT was there but the recap isn't really a recap - post.

Serious Eats was there as well and their post deals with the Walmart issue.

Last but certainly not least, check out GrubGrade's coverage.

Ok, hopefully I haven't forgotten anyone, my apologies if I did.

Now I hate to say it, but the final pieces of my story still lay half written on my hard drive. You can read what is up so far under the label field_trip.

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