Sunday, May 30, 2010

Have a great weekend everybody

Holidays, always so quiet here on the blog. Not that we aren't eating ice cream, it's just that there's always less visitors on the site ....and I tend to want to nap instead of post.

I will admit to eating some very tasty dark chocolate brownies (both yesterday and a pair for breakfast, mmmmm, ooey gooey). I also tried some of these pointless m&m cookies. I don't get it, it's almost a half inch thick cookie with mini m&m baking bits on top. Biting into one is both disappointing and totally unrewarding. Actually, the other set of local bakery cookies was disappointing too. They are immensly dry like they lacked any kind of butter or oily substance in them. I bet if i smushed one it would look like a pile of sand on the table.

oh yeah, my eyes are closing, maybe I should go take that nap... oh yeah, before I forget. I ran into trader joe's the other day and the nice friendly lady was handing out small samples of trader joe's ice cream. I think it was called "joe joe's n' creme" (or joe joes n' cream, iunno). Anyway, it was only three small bites, and it a nice texture and all, but there seemed to be a very strong overtone of milk. It was like eating cookies in milk flavored ice cream. It sort of made me curious to try more, but at the same time, it kind of made me think I might be bored with it.

note: the trader joe's by my work is kinda small, but they do have a few very tasting looking frozen treats that I will try to get on the blog at some point (you may remember this failed review from last year).

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