Monday, April 12, 2010

The Ben & Jerry's Visit: Intermission

Oh man, it's already ten o'clock and I haven't even written the next part of my story yet. I guess the problem is that I'm not sure which part to tell next. The way I see it, there are still at least three distinct stories to tell.

1) The Visit: I can't short change our immensely gracious hosts. They were all so very nice and put forth great effort to treat us well during our visit. I really need to do an overview of the whole trip.

2) The Flavor Gurus: It was just awesome for the flavor gurus to let us into their test kitchen. I wish we could have had a whole day with just these guys. Heck, I'd be happy to just sit on the sidelines for a few hours and watch these guys go through a normal day. They were super friendly and it was great asking them questions.

3) The Company: There is just so many wonderful aspects about this company that I terribly regret not taking notes, or better yet, I wish I had recorded the whole thing. My apologies in advanced for I know I will surely leave out some details. (can't forget about Scoop University either!)

Oh yeah, did I mention we got to hang with Jerry? I was stoked when he walked in the room and after he was done talking, I very dorkily told him he was great. I was just so impressed with his company that I didn't know what else to say (if I ever meet him again, somebody remind me to apologize). Thankfully I recovered and managed to ask him a few more "relevant" questions. I was curious by the fact that you never really see recent pictures of him so I asked "Do people ever recognize you?". The answer is no ...not even in his own stores (probably doesn't help that people say they are him in the hopes of scoring free ice cream).

Ok, I need to go work on the next section, hmmmm, I think it will be number...... ZZZZZZZZZZ

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