Monday, April 5, 2010

All is Well

I hope everyone had a tasty holiday weekend. Mine was filled with the always impressive arrive of holiday desserts which included an interesting locally made ice cream pie. It had a graham cracker crust, (vanilla) ice cream, giant wads of cookie dough, and then it was topped with whip cream and some extra cookie bits. Technically I will still full from a peanut butter cup trifle, but I couldn't help myself. What have I always said? better to be happy and full with the occasionally splurge rather than be flustered by denying myself the treat. If I hadn't eaten it, I just would have gone home and eaten something else anyway that wouldn't have been as satisfying, and then I would have wanted something else (and on and on and on and on).

Hey? Guess what? I'll be going on a unique adventure in the very near future, so stay tuned for updates!

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Chloe said...

oh my gosh!! i just MADE an ice cream pie for the first time ever! it had a graham cracker crust (er.. chocolate teddy graham cracker crust because I couldn't find chocolate wafers lol) and ice cream. I used this ice cream I never used before (Lovin' Scoopful??) which was actually perfect for it because the ice cream was soft. dreyer's double churned probably would have worked well too. the recipe is not hard to figure out but i used the one on their site (, pretty straightforward, sisters and I gobbled it up in just a few days...