Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paperwork backlog

I try to do a quarterly state of the freezer address, but I've missed it by over a month now. Let's recap the last poll so we can move on with that at least.

There were 229 votes total:
Straight from the container: 90 (39%)
anyway is fine by me: 59 (25%)
gotta be the bowl: 56 (24%)
cones are the way to go: 15 (6%)
single serve treats: 9 (3%)

Since I know many of you are ice cream fanatics like myself, I definitely expected straight from the container to win. However, I am happy to see the bowl with strong support. I think there is just something traditional and relaxing about a bowl. When I go for the container, I want instant gratification. When I grab a bowl, that means its time to relax and just turn the world off for ten minutes.

With that said, I'd probably go with anyway is fine by me, it just depends on the moment really. Actually, that's not totally true, if I had my way, and if I had the time, I would love to eat out of the cone most of the time. Sure you increase the chances of making a mess, but I just love crunchy and creamy put together ....especially when the inside of the cone has a chocolate lining ....and now I'm hungry again.

What's up next: The good news is that I've packed up the freezer pretty well. We've got a lot of Ben & Jerry's, I found a pint of Haagen-Dazs Five buried below the veggies, I've got two samples of Kemp's new Fro-Zing! fresh from the factory, I've got a few more treats courtesy of Blue Bunny, and in the most recent development, we're actually going to have some new pints from Perry's Ice Cream up on the blog. Consider me extremely excited about ice cream literally coming from every direction. Woohoo! I love spring time product announcements!

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