Thursday, March 25, 2010

Commit Charge

I was in desperate need of a frozen treat this afternoon and luckily I had one in reserve. I had a single serve Klondike bar in my work freezer and I had planned to use it to do a size comparison with the 100 calorie Klondike minis I tried two months ago. Well, this was an emergency, so I ran off to the freezer (not literally run, someone could get hurt in our narrow hallways, and who wants that).

Anyway, I grabbed it from the freezer, headed back to my desk, and ripped open the package. Uh oh... That's not good....
Oh my.... 18 grams of saturated fat! That's 90% of my daily intake (and let's not get into the fact I had a bunch of Do-si-dos a few hours earlier). When I bought this, I assumed it was a normal Klondike since it doesnt say its oversized, but it is definitely bigger than the average bar (by weight, it's 18% bigger, by calories it's 32% bigger).

Well, it's too late, the package is open, and I can't go back. I have committed this fat intake charge to my daily diet. At least it was tasty and still fresh just also happened to be horribly unhealthy. I'll be better tomorrow.

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