Friday, January 8, 2010

You know what really ticks me off?

...besides falling asleep before I can tell you what ticks me off. It's the abuse of the term "snack" or "snack size". I was very quickly perusing the freezer aisle when I saw the NEW! snack bars coming from the people over at Hood. I'm growing so tired of partially hydrogenated this, artificial that, and all those freaky chemicals they label with letters instead of words because no one can pronounce them. What happened to really trying to make a true "snack"? These little 100 calorie snack bars have 5 grams of saturated fat in them (that's 25%). Do they assume no one will read the nutrition label, instead taking the box at face (front) value?

It's Friday and I'm very ready for the weekend. I'm also ready to be chowing down on some fresh treats but I'm coming to the point where I refuse to buy junk like this. The sad thing is, (1) 100 calorie pop isn't a full serving, a serving is 2 pops.

I shouldn't put all the blame on Hood, Eskimo Pie and Weight Watchers aren't any better with their "snack size" offerings. I actually have the eskimo pies one in the review queue. At least Eskimo Pie doesn't claim to be healthy like Weight Watchers does. (some weight watchers product, many are healthy, but why aren't all of them healthy?)

Sorry, had to vent, I just wish companies cared more about us. My daughter shares my love of trying new foods and she knows I always fall for "daddy, we never had these before, can we try them?". She saw yogurt pretzels the other day. Wow, sounds healthy, possibly tasty. Nope, same problem as these "snack bars", full of saturated fat. Found another brand on the other side of the store ...same problem.

Maybe they're trying to kill all of us to make room for new customers.....

Hello? companies? anybody care anymore? Hello???

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