Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cold Stone Creamery's Limited
Oreo Brownie Crunch Cupcakes

Here's what I think you should do today:
  1. Put down what you are doing
  2. Grab your car keys
  3. Head to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery
  4. Grab one, if not two, packages of these limited edition cupcakes
That's right, they are that good and you'll be sorry if you don't try them! The flavors come together and are simply fantastic. I'm having a really tough time not grabbing a second one (I tried shoving in lunch to distract myself but it's not working).

Six Treats = $12.99

Here is the limited edition Oreo Brownie Crunch Cupcake in all it's glory. The container says you should let them sit for about 10 minutes before eating. I don't spend that long taking pictures, but they did soften a bit and were just right when we dug in.

The exact description is "A rich Belgian chocolate cup filled with an Oreo cookie layer, Fudge Brownie Batter Ice Cream mixed with Brownies, & topped with Chocolate Frosting and an Oreo cookie". Sounds awesome doesn't it? Well, it is, it really is. Granted, I've always loved when the worlds of Cookies & Creme and Ice Cream combine, but I think most people will appreciate this one.

Let's break it down one by one. First is the top notch Belgian chocolate cup. I broke the cup when I did my sample slice, so I sampled those bits and they were excellent. Now when it says Oreo cookie layer, they mean that literally. There is an Oreo cookie at the bottom of the chocolate cup. No worries though, it's super fresh and easy to eat.

Next is the Fudge Brownie batter ice cream, which is excellent, but I saw no signs of brownie bits mixed in. I wasn't heartbroken or anything, i was happily enjoying my cupcake and didn't notice, but it is curious why it's listed and not there (you can see in the picture that there is no sign of them). The whole thing is topped with a wonderful, light, frosting that reminded me of a nice mousse more than whip cream. The container says chocolate but it reminds me more of a cookies & creme frosting. The whole thing is topped off with a second Oreo for decoration and added flavor.

All these things come together wonderfully and I can't say this enough: Go try these! right now! Oh man I can't wait to have another one.

Sorry, no nutrition info on these (it's not on the container or on their website). Just assume they are unhealthy and that you should only have one at a time.

On Second Scoop: Still no brownie bits in the ice cream, and I still don't care. These things are fantastic, plain and simple! My only suggestion is try to get a nice vertical bite so you get a bit of everything. Mmmmm, so good, and so hard to eat just one!


Anonymous said...

Just like "cake batter" ice cream , I think "brownie batter ice cream" means that the ice cream is supposed to taste like the batter, the delicious, gooey batter that is used to make the brownies, which I think is better tasting than cooked brownies. Ben and Jerry's brownie batter didn't have brownie bits and their cake batter didn't have cake pieces. So, the words "brownie batter" just means the ice cream should resemble the flavor of the rich brownie batter (as opposed to the flavor of cooked brownies), and not necessarily containing mix-ins.

Dubba Scoops said...

true, but if you read the description again "Brownie Batter Ice Cream mixed with Brownies" it specifically says there should be brownies mixed in, and I never saw any of them, none of us did.