Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How long is too long???

I've been waiting a long time to try Gaga's Sherbetter. I wanted to try it, but I decided to be "thrifty" and wait for it to go on sale ...And I did ...And I finally bought it ...months ago ...and then it got buried underneath all the veggies in the freezer. In fact, I waited so long to try it the packaging has now changed....

Oh the humanity!! That is some nasty freezer burn!

It's so bad that part of the sherbetter has condensed and turned several shades lighter, it's near impossible to break through....even with a knife! I dug towards the center hoping to find a few scoops that had remained unscathed, but it's too late....oh my it is too late!!

Sometimes I get so excited about new products at the grocery store that unfortunately I do accidentally buy one too many. Had I bought this after we got the new freezer, it would have been downstairs, safe in it's non-auto-defrosting home.

Sorry Gaga's, I'll get a fresh pint as soon as I can.

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