Monday, July 27, 2009

So, you like ice cream right?

If you are visiting the site (and I thank you you for visiting), it stands to reason you are a fan of ice cream. You may just be a part-time fan, or a huge fanatic (like yours truly), but either way, you want to know more about ice cream. I like to think this blog is becoming a good resource about various flavors, products, and companies, but I've spent the last few weeks wondering if I can't offer more on this site. Sure, twitter is huge, but do you really want to read my tweets from the freezer aisle? So, I had another idea the other day, a forum! I've spent some time investigating free forums since I'm not really ready to host my own (I mean I could, but I just don't think I have the time right now with the baby and all, it's hard enough to find time to post).

So last week, I found a few different sites to pick from and I've decided to give Lefora a try, you can see the new forums right here. Now, the problem is, I'm going to need some help on this. I've took a shot at creating some forum topics, but if you have any suggestions, I'm more than willing to make changes. I want to make the forum broad enough to keep people interested, so any and all thoughts are welcome.

I just find it funny that will all the ice cream lovers out there, we seem to have so few resources at our disposal. There are a handful of dedicated bloggers and I've only found one other dedicated forum.

Also, I understand that starting a forum is no easy task, it's hard to get the ball rolling, but each new post is a reason for someone else to post. If you join, you'll inspire someone else to join. I'll do my best to do some examples posts.

Oh yeah, I apologize in advance for the ads on the forums, with something free, comes ads. I don't receive anything for these ads, all the money goes to the host of the forum. If things go well, maybe we can upgrade to the ad free version.

As always, please email me at onsecondscoop at gmail dot com.

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