Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Culinary Circle
Peanut Butter Passion
Ice Cream Dessert

I am a hardcore lover of the great duo know as peanut butter and chocolate. In fact, I was kinda bummed when I couldn't find any tasting looking Peanut Butter Brownie for Turkey Hill's online party. However, this is not a sad story, for yesterday, I got a very special care package from Culinary Circle (the high end, in house brand of Supervalu owned supermarkets).

Behold, the brand new ice cream desserts from Culinary Circle. There are 8 excellent looking flavors in all (the other 3 are hiding behind these 5). It was extremely hard to pick who should go first ...and then I started thinking about peanut butter.

Ahhh, Peanut Butter Passion Ice Cream Dessert. We have "layered peanut butter flavored ice cream and vanilla flavored mousse; topped with fudge sauce and peanut butter mini cups". Makes that picture look even better after reading that, doesn't it? They've done an excellent job on the packaging ...and they need to, because it's $4.49 for just (2) 8 ounce cups and that's going to throw people off for a second ...but then they're going to look at the picture again and buy this anyway. I knew these were coming in the mail and I was still tempted to buy one when I saw it in the store.

Here's a size comparison for you incase you've tried one of the Edwards Singles. The funny thing is that when you pick up the box, you brain tells you it feels light, but when you take the individual cups out of the box, your brain tells you it's got some bulk to it. (blah blah, center of gravity, blah blah, all good, etc etc, sure it makes sense or something)

I removed the paper (not plastic) lid to reveal a very gourmet looking dessert, and more importantly, I was greeted by the very pleasant aroma of peanut butter ice cream. Mmmmm, excellent, this may sound silly, but it smells fresh, like a sundae that was just made behind the counter. Like I said, I'm a sucker for peanut butter and chocolate. In fact, I was so excited that I handed my daughter her dessert before flipping it out of the container.

Ahhhh, there we go, the treat is unleashed at last! It looks almost as good as the picture, actually, no, it looks better because you know it's real. It smells great and it's time to dig in, and dig in we did! Guess what? it tastes as good as it looks, this is excellent, awesome, fantastic and I'm loving every bite.

I'm so impressed with this treat and it's top notch ingredients. First you might notice the tiny peanut cups on ...oh yeah, they're perfect little cups that melt in your mouth, oh so good. The gooey fudge sauce is excellent. The peanut butter ice cream is top notch. It hits that perfect spot for me of a flavor, not too weak, not too strong, just quality mid-range flavor, and the texture is just excellent. Sure, the heat helped it soften quicker than it may have on some cold winter day, but this is just well made ice cream and the perfect texture for a dessert like this. Actually, maybe it was the vanilla mousse mellowing the peanut butter a bit, but whatever it was, they blend perfectly together.

I'm sorry, I just can't say anything bad, except, well, I actually didn't finish it. I actually saved the last few bites, I just didn't want to stuff myself and ruin the moment. I don't even think I was in that good of a mood when I started eating this, which can make me a bit more critical, but this snack had me hooked before I even put my spoon in.

Excellent job Culinary Circle, you are more than welcome to send me treats any time!

Nutrition: 1/2 the cup (86g): 230 / 110-7 / 1 / 4

Wait! that's why I was full! I thought the stats were for a full cup (dessert), they're actually for half a cup! Doh, that means 70% of your saturated fat for the day if you eat the whole thing. Ok, I guess we found the one flaw with this most excellent little treat....oh, who cares! put your pants on, grab the car keys, and go to the store right now!

On Second Scoop: It's the morning after, and at 5:39 AM I went for my second scoop, I just wasn't in the mood for waffles or toast or cereal. No, I wanted to verify that this little guy was still tasty, and he is. I will recommend you wait just a few minutes after pulling this treat from the freezer so it's just the right consistency - it's only slightly harder when it first comes out of the freezer, but the peak scoopability hits a few minutes after that. You'll notice tiny little puddles forming around the bottom of the treat, that will be the sign it's ready to go (maybe that's why it has that funky design on the bottom).


Anonymous said...

Lovely looking and even better tasting. I got it free (from a friend) but no sooner was I done with the serving than I got on the computer to find out where I could find it near me and (since it wasn't polite to ask the one who gifted me with it) the price of what was plainly a high quality ice cream dessert.
Pity my father is no longer among the living as he would have adored these, both for the better quality of taste as well as the chocolate/peanut butter balance.
I do agree that the plain ice cream was needed, or the dessert would have been too rich, as it was it was just perfect. Now I just have to work near $5 into my weekly food budget...

Dubba Scoops said...

Watch for the sales, every now and then I see them on sale for $2.99.