Thursday, July 9, 2009

Local Flavor: Pinecroft's Bear Claw Ice Cream

I do my best to head over to We All Screen for Ice Cream! now and then because Jeff does an awesome job of finding all the great local ice cream spots that are showered across Massachusetts (and other parts of New England). Case in point, he found the well hidden Pinecroft Dairy which is close enough to visit at lunchtime! The second I saw the picture of Bear Claw ice cream, I knew I had to try it!

Well, I went today at lunch time and my treat was worth the $3.75 I paid, well actually, I wish i had gotten the regular size for like $4.25. It went down so easy that I was tempted to (and still hungry enough to) go back for a second cone. Maybe next time I'll get the regular because I'm sure I will head back soon after work too soon?

As for flavor, well, I liked it, I really did. It's a very strong chocolate, and it's got a respectable flavor to it, not just some cheap chocolate. The chocolate covered cashews had a good scattering, and they tasted fresh. Jeff mentioned a caramel swirl but I think I ate mine too fast to notice. The whole thing was just melting so quickly despite the fact that the temperature was only in the 60s, though the melting just made it all the easier to inhale. There was a lingering taste that I couldn't place, not sure if it was the caramel or maybe it was the cashews, but sometimes my brain was telling me marshmallow. Iunno, I just know that overall I really liked it.

Side note: I will agree with Jeff that cone assembly was a bit lacking, but maybe it's the soft nature of their ice cream that makes it harder to scoop. At least mine had ice cream in the cone!

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