Sunday, June 14, 2009

Topping of the Week:
Dr. Pepper Cherry Topping

Well, I will say this, they definitely nailed that Dr. Pepper taste. Actually, smells like Dr. Pepper too (ofcourse). I was always a Coca-cola kid, but I found Dr. Pepper to be a nice switch now and then, you know, maybe once a month.

I wasn't really sure what kind of ice cream to put it on, so it seemed like I should pick something fruity so I went with the last of the Turkey Hill Raspberry Chocolate Chunk. The combo was ok, but I'm sure a better mix can be made.

I'm quite surprised by how thick this topping is. I had to squeeze hard to get it out. I guess I had visions of soda spilling everywhere in my head, but that just wasn't the case.

If anything, this topping has me thinking about making a Dr. Pepper flavored milk shake. With this stuff and a quality vanilla ice cream, I might just have a tasty treat that would give a coke float a run for its money.

Nutrition: 2 Tbsp-42g: 130 / 0 / 0 / 0

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