Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Now think about this for a second: When's the last time you saw an ice cream commercial? especially if you exclude Klondike. It's been forever, literally. I can't even think of one offhand. There must be some, but apparently they weren't memorable.

Well, a week or two ago, I saw the new Walmart commercial talking about how you can save over $200 a year by making sundaes at home rather than going to an ice cream shoppe. At 5+ bucks per person, you can't really argue with the logic. If you have seen this commercial, you may have noticed that the star ice cream is Breyers new Smooth & Dreamy.

Well, what did I see last night but a new Smooth & Dreamy commercial. After eons, we finally see an ice cream commercial on TV. I was shocked really. They even have a new website that asks the question: "Is there a love better than ice cream?"

P.S. Breyers, you owe me 3 minutes of my life back for watching that pointless webisode.

On Second Scoop: A marketing email convinced me I should give this campaign one more try, so I watched the "King Kong" webisode...Ok, Breyers...you now owe me 10 minutes of my life back.

Now how can I put this...I don't think I fall in the demographic of where these webisodes are aimed...that or my sense of humor is really rusty.

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