Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dubba's DubbaBerry Ice Cream

Yes, we did it, we finally made some ice cream! and on the very last use by date on the light cream too (no worries, it tasted fine plus I just opened it now). I've had this DubbaBerry idea in my head for months now, so it's nice to finally get to it.

Dubba's DubbaBerry Ice Cream Recipe (rev 1)
1.5 cups of light cream
0.5 cups of fat free milk
1/4 sugar
1/2 cup of blueberry spreadable fruit
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla
2 heaping teaspoons of confectioners sugar
(8) small frozen strawberries

Unfortunately I forgot to verify we had regular milk in the fridge, so we had to increase the light cream to make up for the fat free milk. We then mixed in about half a cup of the blueberry spread (it was about half of the 10oz container). Next was a 1/4 cup of regular sugar and the 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla. Now the frozen strawberries were, well, frozen. I didn't plan ahead and defrost them, and I certainly wasn't going to microwave them, so I threw them into the mix whole and still frozen. My daughter stirred for a few minutes which was sufficient to thaw the strawberries enough to cut them up. I went with fairly small pieces.

I put the cut up strawberries back in. We did a bit more stirring and then I did a quick taste test. Needs more sugar. I grabbed a big spoon from the drawer and threw in two big scoops of confectioners sugar. We stirred a bit more and then threw in into the Cuisinart Ice-20. At the bottom of the bowl was a bunch of blueberries from the spread which I thought was kinda cool to see whole blueberries in a fruit spread.

So, we mixed for 20+ minutes and did our taste test. The result: surprisingly good! The blueberry wins up being quiet pleasant and mellow, well the strawberries add a nice fresh tang to the whole thing. It has to be healthy since it's made with fruit! Actually, it tastes like fruit flavored whip cream because of the high light cream content, so it's hard not to like it. Blueberry doesn't get much love in the ice cream world, but after this, I'm thinking maybe it should.

Now, for the record, I never added my "secret" ingredient. I expected not to like the base mixture, so my original plan was to add a raspberry marshmallow swirl. I even refrigerated the raspberry fluff so it wouldn't liquify when I mixed it in. I did try a sample of the ice cream with the fluff, and that made me sure that I should leave dubbaberry as it is.
I know this recipe isn't perfect, but hopefully it's a worthy idea to get you started. You can make the base stronger, or tweak the sugar, or maybe add different berries, but overall, I like it! It's nice to actually have a little success now and then, plus it makes me want to go out in search of other blueberry ice creams.

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