Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Smucker's Cupcake Magic Shell

It's been awhile since I've reviewed a topping, let alone a brandy new one. For your enjoyment (or lack there of), may I painfully present: Smucker's New Cupcake flavored Magic Shell! This is my first experience with magic shell, so let's make it interesting.

Take (1) Breyer's Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich

The Magic Shells pours out easily (and smells good too)

Wow, now isn't that impressive?

Let's coat the sides for good measure.

The only thing left to do was give this bad boy a taste test....and learn if this was a good idea...was this the work of a food genius? or the work of a foolish masochist? oh, the anticipation! the drama! the IMMENSE desire...to SPIT this junk out of my mouth. Oh...OHHHH it's awful. Talk about taking one for the team. My taste buds are being overpowered by some foul invading army. Run tastesbuds run!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ok, I'll stop now. I took a few more bites trying to get different ratios of magic shell to Oreo. Then I gave up and the last bit went in the trash. To be fair, I'll try it again at another time, but for now, spoons down!

Nutrion: 2 Tbsp = 35g : 220 / 150-8 / 0 / 1 (yeah, it ain't healthy)

2017 Foot Note: While this product has disappear, Smuckers has a Funfetti Vanilla Cake Magic Shell which appears to be just a blue version of this older product.


Amy said...

I've never heard of (or seen!) anyone put Magic Shell on an ice cream sandwich- only on a scoop (or 2 or 3...) of ice cream. I wonder if you tried it on just ice cream if you'd like it any more. I haven't had Magic Shell in years, but I liked it growing up.

Shannon said...

I had the cupcake shell, it was okay at best. If you like the taste of cupcake batter ice cream its good, but if you don't... I could only eat in a very thin layer. Where it pooled up in a thick piece at the bottom I had to throw out, and I like the shell stuff. I would eat just the peanut butter chocolate shell if it wasnt so bad for you.