Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toppings: Marble Mix'ins CRUNCH Rocky Road

So, there they were, tempting me at the entrance of the freezer aisle. Sure, Marble Mix'ins plain sprinkles are just awful, but maybe, just maybe, they have something good up their sleeve. They can't all be bad....or can they?

Well, I had a few choices, but the CRUNCH one caught my attention. Chocolate, Marshmallows and CRUNCH - sounds good to me. Well, I did a little sample on Sunday when I bought them, and I just did a full scale taste test about an hour ago, so now I can honestly say that these are just plain awful. The problem is the little rock hard marshmallow pieces. They are these fake tasting little rocks that ruin the whole thing. The foul taste permeates into the crunch pieces. There are also hard little chocolate rocks as well. They don't taste great, but the artificial marshmallow hasn't affected them as much.

There is not a single nice thing that I can say about this topping. Save your $3.29 and avoid these little buggers, you'll be glad you did.

Nutrition: 15g: 60/20-1 / 0 / 0


Vanessa said...

I found the Butterfinger kind reduced from $3.99 to $.99. I don't think the crispety, crunchety part of the Butterfinger would hold up to ice cream with getting chewy and gross. So, I used the round cookie bits and chocolate sprinkles for cupcakes. It created a nice cookies and cream flavor.

I made tombstone cupcakes for Halloween (there are pics on my blog)and used the mix'ins for dirt.

Unknown said...

where can u buy these marble mix ins-would like to try them -they were on unwrapped tv tonight-showed how they were made

Dubba Scoops said...

I always see them at Super Walmart, but I also see them at my local Shaws grocery stores as well. It's tough because they always seem to be in a different section of the store. Could be near the syrup section, near the ice cream cone section, maybe even the cake toppings section.

Good Luck!