Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pizza! Pizza!

Ok, I'm slackin' here apparently. I still haven't gotten to the Haagen-Dazs, though I did enjoy a nice bowl of Caramel Cone Crunch a couple hours ago. I really meant to try the HD yesterday, but we tried Papa Johns for the first time ...sure, they've been around for 25 years but what can I say, there's never been one that's been convenient for me. Well now there's one a few minutes from work and to make it all the geekier, I can order online before packing up my stuff to go home. I kept it simple, just a large plain pizza and bread sticks. If anything, the pizza reminds me of Dominoes, though I'd say the crust is a little more rubbery. So it's decent...respectable, but nothing fantastic....but then there are the breadsticks. MMMMMMM, fantastic, well, to me anyway. I much prefer these big bready sticks to those thin greasy things I get from other places. Ok, so this has nothing to do with ice cream except that I was too full to try my new ice creams. No worries though, there is always tomorrow.

On Second Slice: We went back the next week and tried the Tuscan six cheese on whole wheat, and I can honestly say that you should attempt to refrain from making the same mistake...whole wheat does not belong in my pizza. On a positive note, we got one of those little cinnamon snack pizzas and it was quite tasty.

On Third Slice: I tried one more time. We tried the thin crust (which is VERY thin), but really, I just wanted an excuse to try the apple snack pizza. It was good, I would definitely recommend trying it.


Alyson said...

So, I haven't had the northern version of Papa John's but the Southern version is nothing like, gag, Dominos, gag. And, the best thing about it (again, I don't know if this applies here) is the dipping sauce and the pepperocinis. Love love.

That said, you're's chain pizza. But it's nostalgic chain pizza because we used to eat it in college all the time. Which is to say, this is why I love Papa Johns. And, if you get on their e-mail list they have a ton of deals and coupons every week. I think this week it was like $.25 pizza.

Dubba Scoops said...

It definitely didn't taste like Domino's the next day when I ate it cold! way more tangy than dominos would be the next day.

still love those breadsticks too