Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Treat: Part 3:
Cold Stone Creamery Sweet Treat Cupcakes

Just one more Cold Stone Creamery Cupcake to try: Cake Batter Delux.

"A Rich Belgian Chocolate Cup filled with a layer of moist Red Velvet cake, Fudge & Cake Batter Ice Cream & topped with fluffy pink frosting & rainbow sprinkles"

To be honest, I saved this one for last because I was afraid of the Cake Batter ice cream. Cake batter always seems to be way too potent and out of place ...but not here. Call me a convert because it's not to strong and the combination works great here. I've been saying how there just doesn't seem to be enough cake in these things, but the cake batter flavor totally makes up for it. Great call by Cold Stone Creamery on this one. I'm actually debating if I prefer this one to the chocolate one.

one last note: Yesterday I mentioned taking this last cupcake nice and slow, well, I changed my mind. I ate it like a regular cupcake, and though I made a mess of myself, it was definitely the right call. I'd be hesitant to eat it this way around strangers, but my daughter got a kick out of me making her kind of mess (of myself).

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