Saturday, January 3, 2009

misTreat of the Week: Blue Bunny FrozFruit Superfruit Raspberry Acai

A few weeks ago, I started my day with a very tasty strawberry Coolatta. Sure it was like 16 degrees outside, but I really needed something sweet for my long commute to work. It was a decent day, and I decided to end it on the same note it started with. I looked around for something sweet, and then I remembered the FrozFruit Superfruit bars from Blue Bunny. I'm not a big Blue Bunny fan, but I've been on the lookout for fruity frozen treats ("fat free novelties") ever since Welch's stopped making their juice bars awhile ago.

Boy were my taste buds in for a shock. This is not a juice bar. It's not even a sherbet bar. It's a startling sorbet-type bar and I spit it out. Sure it was uncalled for, but I was so tired and flustered that I went with my initial reaction. I haven't yet gone back yet to try it again, maybe I will this afternoon.
On Second Scoop: Oh yeah! these are just as bad as I remember, maybe worse. Basically, it tastes like raspberry sorbet, which I don't really like, mixed with the tang of Acai berries. Maybe Acai berries are good and it's the sorbet that's bad, but either way, I really don't like these. The first thing you taste is the raspberry sorbet, but as you continue to chew, this strange taste takes over and my brain tells me to spit it out. Sorry, but why suffer??

2013 Update: FrozFruit still exists in individual bars, but boxes of them are gone, as is this particular flavor. The closest you can get now is a single serve strawberry frozfruit bar.

Nutrition: 60/0/

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