Saturday, January 10, 2009

Double Dippin'

Double Dippin' into the treat box today, I couldn't resist. I didn't want to do a direct side by side comparison, especially since I think I would just confuse myself again, so I spaced them out by several hours (that way thoughts of the first are still semi-fresh in my mind as I eat the second).

Up for comparison are two light ice cream bars: Edy's Cookies & Cream versus Breyer's Vanilla & Almond. I know they aren't exact matches but I can still compare them overall.

Which would I recommend? The Edy's actually. I didn't notice it before, but the texture of the Breyers kind of has this strange cool whip vibe to the ice cream. Maybe it's just from sitting in the freezer, but there was no freezer burn detectable (the treat box actually does a pretty good job keeping things safe). When I was done the Edy's, I wanted another. When I was done the Breyers, I was kinda glad I was done.

Again, this isn't a head to head comparison, but if I grab another one tomorrow, it will be the Edy's one.

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