Saturday, November 8, 2008

State of the Freezer Address

Wow, it's been a fast six months! Life really does go faster as you get older. The good news is this post is #146!! Ok, technically I had hoped to make it to 150, but hey, I'm still pretty close.

The big question is: After six months, how is the freezer holding up? Well, there was an incident about 10 days ago. We got home from shopping and there was no more room in the freezer. Food was literally falling out onto the floor. We had to make something for lunch just to make room for the new stuff. I realized it was time for a change. I've been slowly cleaning out the freezer, and then yesterday and today I REALLY cleaned out the freezer. Out goes the pumpkin pie (even my daughter didn't really like it, and she loves all ice cream). Out goes the Stone Ridge Creamery black raspberry (why eat it when I have the Turkey Hill Black Raspberry to enjoy). Out goes some home made stuff (can't save it forever). I let my daughter polish off the rest of the cake batter and she really enjoyed it (I had forgotten how good it smells when it's gotten a little soft, made me want to bake a cake). Oh yeah, tossed out the old skinny cow ice cream sandwiches (still have the box though, it holds all the treats of the week). Ok, you get the idea.

Does all this cleaning mean I've given up? NO WAY! Fear not fellow ice cream lovers. After cleaning, we went right to Shaw's and stocked up with 3 fresh containers of ice cold goodiness. I also picked up two more of those little Friendly's Sundae Cups (on sale ofcourse). That puts us at 5 containers total plus a box full of a variety of treats. I have no plans on slowing down anytime soon. In fact, I really hope everyone will consider sharing an opinion now and then. Whether we agree or disagree, I'm more than happy to hear your take on a flavor or tasty treat.

In closing, I hope everyone is enjoying the blog. My main goal continues to be to inspire you to take a nice relaxing ice cream break. If you have any thoughts, questions, comments, ideas, disagreements or anything else, just send an email to onsecondscoop at gmail dot com. Have a good night everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Good job on the clean up efforts, Dubba. Baby steps! As for the blog, from one ice cream blogger to another, keep up the great work!