Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jon Donaire's
Strawberries & Cream Ice Cream Cake

I first discovered this tasty treat shortly after they built the new super Walmart about five minutes from my house. I had been looking for a birthday cake that was something special, something more interesting than a plain old cake, but something a bit healthier than a standard ice cream cake. Well, I found something unique in a lone refrigerator in the Walmart bakery section.

The description should get the old taste buds going: It's Vanilla Ice Cream swirled with strawberries. This is on top of a 1" layer of very soft sponge cake. On the very top we have a ring of whip cream and a layer of very tangy (i.e. cheap tasting) strawberry. This is pretty much the only drawback of the cake, everything else has really good flavor.

Now, I do have one unfortunate point to bring up. The first time we had this cake, it was near perfect and was quickly devoured. When we had it over the weekend (no, it wasn't my birthday), the strawberries were non-existent. Case in point: I found this video review. Notice all the cool strawberry chunks blended into the ice cream. My wife said she got a few tiny chunks in her slice, but I had none in mine. The cake was still good, but it wasn't like it was the first time.

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Unknown said...

It's ridiculous how good this cake is. I just happened to try it one day while in WalMart, and I was hooked, and I mean hooked. Now, however, I'm frustrated because I can no longer find it; WalMart has ceased to carry the Strawberries & Cream. I settle for the Cookies & Cream, but it's not the same. The Strawberries & Cream is awesome!!!!!