Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friendly's Sundaes To-Go:
Nutty Caramel Crunch Sundae

Boy was I hungry for ice cream yesterday. I had trouble waiting to a mere 10:30 to take the seal off my last Sundae To-Go. I decided to let it sit for a few minutes so the toppings could melt a bit. Well, that was a mistake since I was taken away from my ice cream for the next six hours fixing two very unfriendly problems (don't worry, the ice cream went back in the freezer).

So, it's a new day, and nothing has exploded or broken yet, so it's time for ice cream. The last one is the Nutty Caramel Crunch Sundae. At least there's no chalky peanut butter to mess it up. The exact description is "nougat ice cream, caramel & fudge toppings, with chocolate covered peanuts & chips". We've all had nougat, which is good, because I have no idea how to describe. I let the sundae sit briefly and then crack it open.

Cool, the toppings are back to a 50/50 ratio. I see a half dozen or so chocolate covered peanuts and the thin, chocolate chips on top. Hmmm, looks tasty enough, this review has potential. I dig in and ...it's ok, but not really winning me over. The base ice cream is a nice texture, but the taste is almost non-existent. The fudge and caramel are ok. Not sure why they call chocolate covered peanuts "crunch" but whatever, it's all semantics anyway.

So, that makes 3 boring sundaes. Oh well, I guess you can't really expect a tasty Friendly's sundae at only a fifth of the price.

Nutrition: 370/160-10/1/6
(but that's 137grams, so about regular 2 ice cream servings)

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