Monday, November 10, 2008

Friendly's Sundae to Go: Reese's Pieces Sundae

I'm a big fan of going to Friendly's. The food may be awful, but the sundaes always hit the spot, so to be fair, I picked up two more Sundaes To-Go this weekend. I've got a sandwich for lunch, so there was plenty of room to shove my lunchbag full of ice packs (5 to be precise), and bring the sundaes in. I actually made it past 10:30 before opening one of them up.

Friendly's Sundae to Go: Reese's Pieces
vanilla ice cream topped with fudge, peanut butter sauce, and reeese's pieces candy

Being a big fan of chocolate and peanut butter, I went with the Reese's Pieces Sundae hoping the last one was just a fluke. Well, it wasn't. The peanut butter is still chalky. To make things worse, instead of a 50/50 fudge to PB ratio, I got maybe 15% fudge and 85% PB. The underlying vanilla is ok: not too fancy, not too awful. The Reese's Pieces are fine. There could be a few more, but it's acceptable for this size sundae.

Considering the return on investment ...I'm glad these were on sale. It's a real shame the peanut butter is such a bizarre texture and taste, it totally messes with everything else.

Nutrition: 400/200-11/2/9

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