Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dubba's FrostaRutter Ice Cream

Ok, the name is a work in progress, but it's not that I haven't been thinking about it ...I had lots of time thinking about it as I cleaned up the floor, but more on that later.

Ok, so what in the world is FrostaRutter. Awhile back, my daughter insisted we pick up some soy butter. Well, when I did that, I also decided to pick up some almond butter, the nice overpriced all natural kind. Creamy and Roasted to be precise. I've been thinking about what to mix with the almond butter for awhile. I had decided on breaking up these little chocolate alphabet cookies we had since they kinda taste like brownies. At some point it hit me, why not use the leftover chocolate whipped frosting from the cupcakes?

Dubba's FrostaRutter Ice Cream Recipe
1 cup of light cream
1 3/4 cup of 2% milk
1/2 cup almond butter
1/2 dark brown sugar
--1 Tbsp Vanilla
--2 Tbsp Sugar

Now, before starting, I went through my peanut butter chocolate chip recipe in the hopes of improving upon the original. I didn't want to overload on the peanut butter flavor, and i definitely didn't want too many chocolate chips. We started by mixing the cream and milk, and then the sugar. I hadn't opened the almond butter yet, so I spent a good 10-15 minutes stirring the oil back into the very solid almond butter. The only good side to this was that when I was done mixing, I was left with a very liquidy mess that stirred very well into the mix.

Now even I added more milk this time in hopes of keep the almond taste tame, it was still pretty strong. This is when 1/2 the vanilla and a smidge more sugar went in. Into the Ice-20 it went. After a bit, it was still strong, so I added the other half of the vanilla. The roasted almond taste is pretty strong, but it's not neccessarily a bad thing, it's different in a good way. I couldn't eat it all the time, but I like it.

Look, I made cream of wheat ice cream!

Ok, it looks a little funny at this point. There was a little accident in the kitchen and the ice cream wound up churning for about twice as long as I usually let it. This wasn't necessarily a bad thing since it had warmed up a bit with all the mixing before hand.

Now, I saved two containers. I made a small container of just almond butter ice cream to see how it would freeze. In the bigger container, I scooped in one side of almond butter, gooped in a giant wad of frosting in the middle, and then filled the other side with almond butter. I really want to make a swirl this time, so I only to a few stirs to mix it all together (not a perfect swirl, but I'm still learning)

not to toot my own horn, but that looks good!

Oh yeah, the floor. Well, as the ice cream was nearing completion, I went to grab my freezer containers from the top shelf. That was fine, but when I went to put the extra containers back, I wound up stretching a little too far and my untucked shirt flopped onto a very full glass of milk that was on the counter. As I came back down, the milk came with me. Oh yeah. I got a nice milk bath as the glass bounced off me and went smashing onto the tile floor. The milk went everywhere as did the glass (though it could have been worse I guess). So, like I said, I had some time to think about the name, a very bad play on FlufferNutter. I have frosting instead of fluff, so that's Frosta, and Rutter is, ummm, iunno, sounded better that FrostaMotter (feel free to chime in with a better name!)

On Second Scoop: Almond Butter Ice Cream: I forgot to mention that I taste tested the Almond butter after I had mixed it back up. It is TERRIBLE. It is so horribly and painfully dry. Well, after a night in the freezer, the AB Ice Cream has gone back to that roasted dryness. Disgusting. Right into the trash.

On Second Scoop: FrostraRutter Ice Cream: Having said that, FrostraRutter is actually still pretty tasty. The whipped sugary goodness goes a long way to save this flavor, not that I've had a whole bowl of it, but it's way better than the plain stuff.

Nutrition: 200/135/2/5+ (before frosting)
Nutrition: 240/140/2/4+ (after frosting, approximately)

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