Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Popsicle Firecracker Super Heroes Review

Iron Man

Iron Man

Does whatever an Iron can

No ...wait ... that ain't right. My daughter got to pick this week's treat, and she's a big fan of knowing there is a box of popsicles in the freezer waiting for her. She got to go first the other day and tried a Spiderman pop. She wound up happy, but very very purply-blue. I decided to try one for myself last night so I went with Iron Man (if you haven't seen Iron Man, you should, it's a fantastic movie and lots of fun). My Iron Man pop was actually purple on top, black, then yellow on the bottom, unlike the picture, unless maybe they rotate. My opinion? It was cold. Seriously? It was ok. The flavors are pretty mild, makes me miss Welch's popsicles. It is kinda funky how the flavors are actually on top of each other, so there was a bit of yellow lemon underneath the middle section. I'm sure I'll try another one sooner or later.

Nutrition: 40/0/0/0

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