Monday, September 29, 2008

Walgreens Rocky Road Ice Cream

Wow, making a lunch run to Walgreens was a lot more dangerous than I imagined, and I'm not talking about the "foolish person" who stopped in the entrance to decide which side of the parking lot to park in.

Walgreens Rocky Road Ice Cream
Chocolate Ice Cream with Mini Marshmallows and Almonds

No no, I mean it's dangerous to be alone with a melting pint of tasty Walgreens Rocky Road ice cream in your car. Early this morning, I already knew I wanted ice cream, so I had my lunch around 11 so I could do an ice cream run later. I was tempted to give Meola's one more shot, but decided to make the 3 minute trip to Walgreens instead. I picked up Rocky Road and Waffle Cone, and after a quick debate, I cracked open the Rocky Road.

It's a very respectable take on Rocky Road. They do go with mini marshmallows instead of a marshmallow swirl, but they were small and fairly soft, so much so that they would actually slice in two as I scooped with my spoon. The peanuts are average tasting chunks, and the base chocolate is good. The ice cream was fairly soft and getting softer as I was eating, so stopping was a bit hard, but I did take a break. The goods are in the cafeteria fridge and I'll take them home later (hope I don't have to make any stops tonight)

On Second Scoop: Geez, I finally got to second scoop the Rocky Road. When I first had this ice cream, there was an underlying flavor that was bugging me a little, but I blew it off because overall I was enjoying myself. Well, the ice cream has set a bit, and that underlying flavor has gotten stronger. The base chocolate is now completely off with some kind of bizarre artificial taste that I do not appreciate. Usually second scoops are an improvement, but in this case, it's a downgrade. (I've always said I'm not a fan of little plasticy marshmallows in my ice cream, this is why)

Nutrition: 150/60/(1)/3

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