Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cookie Dough Ice Cream from Uhlman's

No leftovers today, and you know what that means ...Uhlman's! Actually, I almost went their hot dog special, but decided to stick with discovering their take on Cookie Dough Ice Cream. As usual, they did a good job. I did realize why I couldn't quiet describe M&M Ice Cream from last week, it's because Uhlman's vanilla is very mild. It must be by choice so as not to mess with the add-ins. I really appreciate the fact that the ice cream was blended in such a way as to break up some of the cookie dough pieces. This really spreads the flavor out. The cookie dough pieces are plentiful enough, and there are chocolate chips, but they are sparse (which is fine by me).

This has been my 11th trip to Uhlman's. Can't believe summer is over! It's was pretty breezy out there today. I tried, but it was hard to ignore the breeze while eating ice cream. No worries though, the blog will continue through the winter, I'll just need to use my imagination (also known as the grocery store down the street)

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