Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Have you ever wondered what an Ice Cream lover like me does on the days I don't go running for ice cream at lunch? Well, I go for a walk actually. Granted, it can't be too hot or too humid (the ice cream in my veins is no match for that summer sun), but today I managed to sneak one in (and I will tomorrow since it's suppose to be cool). Going for a walk is great. It helps me think about my reviews, and it helps burns off a few of the calories that I "earned" while eating for those reviews.

Today I was thinking about making my own ice cream. To be honest, mixing, creating, and sampling the ice cream is probably more fun than actually eating the ice cream. When I'm done, I want to go back and try again ...but then what would I do with all the extra ice cream? A request has been made, so I'm going to try and go a bit more natural with the next recipe. The base will be some organic half & half and were gonna go berry again, but this time no seeds, and no high fructose corn syrup!

Oh yeah, the answer is no, I'm not really following any recipes when I make ice cream. I know there are several wonderful books out there, but I have enough thoughts stuck in my head without reading one of them. I do sometimes surf the net briefly to help guide me a bit (like going with the dark brown sugar in the peanut butter ice cream), but overall, I'm totally wingin' it.

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