Friday, August 22, 2008

Meola's Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Twirl

I'm a nice guy, and I believe in second chances. Sure, you don't get 37 chances, but still a couple is fine by me. I'm in one of our other buildings today and I haven't gone for ice cream all week, so time to give Meola's another try.

I headed out a bit before noon, thinking of what I wanted. I got there and started to peruse the "menu". They have a regular menu, but they also have pictures/drawings of about 15 flavors lined up above the service windows. There's a German Chocolate Cake that sounds good, until you see it's made with chocolate coconut ice cream (sorry, don't do coconut). Down near the end I spy Graham Ma Meola's Ice Cream. It's graham flavored ice cream with chocolate covered graham bits. Now that sounds very different, and potentially very tasty. I happily ask for a small in a sugar cone.
"Sorry, we're all out"

Ooooooohhh. Bad Form Meola's. I say it sounds really good, and the scooper agrees that it's her favorite flavor. Back to the menu ...ok, I'll try chocolate chip peanut butter twirl. The description is a vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips and a peanut butter twirl. Sounds like it might taste like a sundae, let's find out.

I take my first few bites and realize that maybe I was too hard on Meola's last time. I try to find a spot down to enjoy my discovery but the benches are covered with spills. The ants are doing their best to clean it up, so I guess I'll sit in the car today. Hmmmmm, It's not bad, got a couple of small peanut butter chunks and chocolate chunks on top. I continue further, the peanut butter chunks have disappeared and the dark chocolate seems to be multiplying. No, not liking these dark chocolate chunks. If you stop eating, they have that unpleasant dark chocolate aftertaste you find in some dark chocolates. Eventually, i hit another peanut butter chunk and it's gigantic. It will also be the last one I hit. So much for a "twirl". The vanilla is also bland. To be honest, I don't even want to finish this boring ice cream, but I paid $3.35, so I'm gonna finish it.

So, Meola's is 0 for 2, and besides maybe going back for Graham Ma Meola's flavor, I think I'm done for the summer with them. It's a shame really, at least the texture isn't so far off like last time.

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