Sunday, August 10, 2008

I really am dangerous....

I don't mean like "oooo, he's dark and mysterious", i mean "don't trust that boy with sharp objects". More then once a coworker has gone "what? they trust you with tools?"

Hehehehehe, ok, it's not that bad, and my coworkers are just joking when they say those things (at least I think they are). Why do I bring this up? It's been a long, long time since I tried scooping ice cream into a sugar cone. It wasn't pretty, but the third time really is the charm.

The first attempt left a broken, mangled cone in my hand. Ok, that one's for me. Second try and I still can't get the Breyer's chocolate out of the scoop without making a mess. Chunks are falling apart and going everywhere. Sure, I could use my hands ...ok, i did use my hands, but that ain't right, into the trash for number two. Time to switch ice creams: My daughter's second choice is cinnamon ice cream (the Breyer's fried ice cream to be specific). It's much easier to scoop and we have a success! It's not fantastic, but it's not broken and my daughter is more then happy to dig in. Mission accomplished.

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