Friday, August 29, 2008

Get those camels some ice cream, stat!

Those camels look hot, especially the one on the top left, better get them some Ice Cream! We finally made it to the Southwick's Zoo, which is kinda sad considering it's only a half hour away.

Honestly, we weren't impressed. I mean, they had some animals, but considering it was only 80 degrees at most, I expected the animals to do a little more than sleep. Whatever, it's a zoo, let's go try that new Sky ride. Oh wait, it's $5 a person ...but we ride it anyway. Camel, pony, or elephant ride? yeah, another $5 a person. Nevermind. How about a kiddie ride? wait, $2.50 a ride ...hmmm, I'm noticing a pattern.

Anyway, let's see if we can't add a high point to the afternoon with some ice cream before we go check out the muttville comix. Nice, they serve about 8 Hershey's ice cream flavors along with some other stuff. My daughter goes chocolate, my wife goes cookie dough, and I set my sites on Peanut Butter cup. Oh the anticipation! Oh the excitement! ...Oh My....the freezer burn! Man that's a lot of ice crystals. Apparently no one else has ordered ice cream today.

Thankfully, it wasn't all that bad. My cone had the most freezer burn but I ate it anyway, it would be a shame to waste ice cream on such a nice day. In retrospect, I could have asked for another, but there was a nasty line behind us and so I decided to make due for the sake of the sanity of all the other parents. The ice cream was decent, nothing too fancy or exciting, old ice cream can only do so much. It was basically peanut butter chunks in chocolate ice cream. Funny, since peanut butter cup usually implies peanut butter cups, guess I should have ordered moose tracks instead. I'm sure I'll run into Hershey's ice cream again, I'll just make sure it's fresh next time.

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