Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heath Crunch Ice Cream from Uhlman's

Before heading out for your lunchtime ice cream, please follow these simple instructions:
  1. Check your wallet for ice cream funds
  2. Travel to your favorite ice cream destination
Now, doing this in the wrong order is a bad idea, especially if you just finished putting all your quarters in your wife's car so she has money to park. Since going to the bank was on the other side of the city, I had to pay for my ice cream lunch with a one dollar bill, 27 dimes, and a nickel.

Being starved and feeling silly with a hand full of dimes, my last minute decision went with Heath Crunch ice cream. As always, I was not disappointed. As I mentioned in my review of Breyer's Heath English Toffee, there is the danger of getting too much of a good thing. Luckily, the mastermind behind Uhlman's was careful and nailed the flavor right on the money. It's a nice mild ice cream with the perfect blend of heath chunks throughout. They didn't bother messing with a caramel swirl and I fully support that decision. Great job Uhlman's!

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