Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle from Uhlman's

No leftovers for lunch today ...time for a field trip to my home away from home, Uhlman's. It's hot outside, but there is a cool breeze over by Uhlman's as I dig into some Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ice cream. The base is Uhlman's fantastic chocolate flavored ice cream. Mixed in is a wonderful swirl of raspberry, not to tart, not to sweet. To earn the truffle name, there are some chocolate bits mixed in throughout the ice cream, though they are hard to describe. They aren't chocolate chips, not quite brownie bits, but somewhere in between. The important part is they are very tasty. Overall, another great flavor to review. My only mild complaint is that I wonder if it could use just a smidge more raspberry swirl. I was really enjoying the chocolate and raspberry mix, but hey, it's a swirl, not every bite can be the perfect ratio. When you don't get enough raspberry, you still get a big taste of delicious chocolate!

on second scoop: My wife is a big fan of any chocolate and raspberry combo, so she decided to give this flavor a try. Overall, she agrees that this is top notch ice cream, BUT she also agrees that the raspberry swirl just isn't consistently prevalent enough.

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