Sunday, May 18, 2008

Topping of the Week: Strawberry Syrup

Ok, we didn't buy this stuff for me, we bought it for my little daughter who briefly thought she wanted strawberry flavored milk :) Anyway, it's been sitting in the fridge for awhile, seems a shame to waste it least, all of it ...time to get creative. Well I have a bit of the Double Churn Cookies & Creme left, mix in some Strawberry ...and hey, Strawberry Cookies & Creme ...and it ain't that half bad. Shame, the cookies & creme is light on the cookies. Granted, it does have that added strawberry flavor rather than a true flavor (like Breyer's or Turkey Hill's all natural), but still, it's respectable. Hmmmm, have to keep this flavor on the list for my future ice cream company.

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