Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rocky Road Rocks

Ahhhh, my old friend Rocky Road, we've had so many good times together. After moving to New England, I remember many a warm summer day of heading to Friendly's with my mom. My choice? a double scoop of the mighty Rocky Road. A nice chocolate blended with peanuts and a quality marshmellow. Ratios are important ofcourse. Mmmmmm, always good stuff.

Well it's not exactly the same as buying a fresh scoop, but Breyer's makes a nice all natural Rocky Road (I've always said Breyer's makes the best chocolate of the main stream brands). What I refuse to buy ever again is Edy's (Dreyer's) brand of Rocky Road, what an embarrasment that is. It's an OK chocolate with low grade peanuts and these tiny plastic-like mini marshmellows. A disgrace to the Rocky Road name.

UPDATE: HAHAHAHAHAHA. I just learned that John Edy invented Rocky Road! Not only that, but Edy's manufacturer's the most popular rocky road there is. Wow, maybe I need to try it again ...nah, I'm good.

Nutrition: 150/70/1/2

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