Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My New Hero: John Harrison

There is a new section on Edy's website. It involves John Harrison, Edy's Ice Cream tester for the last 40 years. Not only does he have the best job on the planet, the man invented cookies & creme ice cream!!! Check him out at their website. He's a fourth generation Ice Cream man and answers all kinds of questions. Seems like a nice guy who appreciates the great job he has. Rock on John!

side note: Blue Bell Ice Cream of Texas also claims to have invented cookies 'n creme back in 1978. At the very least, the Edy's version was probably the first with nationwide availability.

On Second Scoop: If you prefer Turkey Hill, you can also contact Ernie Pinckney from Turkey Hill. He's been there a long time and really knows his stuff.

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