Thursday, May 8, 2008

I LOVE Ice Cream

We all have our vices. Last year we were having a discussion and my new acquaintances wanted to know what my vice was. Drink? nope. Smoke? nope. Drugs? nope. Something? Anything? someone chimes up and says "he loves ice cream, bring on the cookie puss!" I do enjoy good food, and if you ask, then yes, I'd probably have to say that Ice Cream is my favorite dessert. How can you go wrong with so many flavors? so many additions? so many ways to enjoy the most versatile dessert on the planet: nothing like cold ice cream on a hot day! ice cream at a birthday party...better yet, ice cream cake! share an ice cream with a special someone! when does eating ice cream not make you feel better? (well, unless you eat too much)

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