Monday, October 21, 2013

The Nosh Show - Episode 15

YAY! Time for a supersized episode of the Nosh Show!

Don't worry, Episode 15 isnt' twice as long, it's just twice as full as all three guys from Nerd Lunch join us in the Nosh Show studio. That's right, CT, Jeeg, and Pax are all here and we have fun some creating new Oreo and Pop-tart flavors after running through as interesting list of Nosh or Nots. The scariest thing about this episode is the fact it didn't fall apart. We could have easily turned it into a giant mess of everyone talking over each other but somehow we all stayed on our best behavior, even me! that's right, even me! I'm so proud of myself! hehehe. Enjoy the show everyone!

P.S. Scoop yourself a bowl of ice cream if you get the movie reference at the end!

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