Monday, September 24, 2018

Arctic Zero Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

[New for 2018] Remember how I got an email from Arctic Zero's PR firm asking if I wanted to try their new (ultra) light ice cream lineup? I had only seen two of their new seven flavors so I said send the rest of the line up over! The package arrived that Friday. I opened it and discovered...

Arctic Zero Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert

Friday, September 21, 2018

Blue Bunny Strawberry Cheesecake Bunny Snacks

[New for 2018] Well, I finally found a 2018 bunny snack that I truly like and I didn't even have to pay for it. It's not that the others are horrible, it's just that they didn't click with me. Somehow this one did. Let's check out a free sample bag of.....

Blue Bunny Strawberry Cheesecake Bunny Snacks
Cheesecake reduced fat ice cream topped with strawberry sauce and graham crunch
covered with cream cheese flavored coating drizzled with strawberry flavored ribbon

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Slim Twin Ice Cream

[By CT, new for 2018] Over Labor Day weekend, my 9-year-old son made the observation that I had put on some weight. A quick stop on the scale and a look back and records of my weight revealed that in the last two years, I had put on about 25 pounds. It was an eye-opening moment and caused me to quickly adjust my food intake over the past couple weeks.

With a reinvigorated desire to shed pounds and eat better, what's a guy to do if he wants some ice cream? Well, along comes Dubba and says, "Hey, wanna try some Slim Twin Ice Cream?"

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Sonic Double Stuff OREO Wafflecone

[New for 2018] You know what I haven't done in a really long time? Check to see if they ever built any more Sonic Drive-Ins in my area. It seemed like forever that my only choice was the one outside Boston (meaning it was 70-75 minutes from my house). That's too far to go, but guess what? There are now 6 Sonics in my area and it's time for a family snack break.

Sonic Double Stuf OREO Wafflecone
(soft serve, sweet cream, Oreo cookie pieces, and Oreo Wafer cone)

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

7-Eleven Caramel Butter Pecan Ice Cream

[New for late 2016] I'm kind of a sucker for convenience store ice cream sales. I tend to avoid convenience store purchases in general, but if I'm there and I'm buying a pint of ice cream already, why not buy two and save myself a follow up trip to try another one of their flavors. Case in point is me finally trying this 7-Select flavor when I went to try the new pumpkin pie flavor.

7-Eleven Caramel Butter Pecan Ice Cream
nut flavored ice cream with caramel revel & pecans