Saturday, June 18, 2011

Other Blogs: Caffeine A Holic reviews
the world's first caffeinated ice cream

Bryan and Christie have posted a very positive review of all four new BANG!! Caffeinated Ice Cream flavors on their site That's right, an ice cream with 125mg of caffeine per serving. Part of me is afraid, but the other part of me thinks that I've found another reason to start my day with ice cream.

Thanks to Marvo for pointing this out in his weekly reviews post.

Note: Nick reviewed this is 2014


Julien said...

If I spot it locally, I'll definitely scoop some up. It looks like it's worth a shot, but I don't feel the urge to order it until I see some more reviews. Either way, it looks like my ice cream habits as of late are going to do work to my lean figure...

Dubba said...

Thanks man! It's tough not having access to the midwest when so many good things come from there (though I may be daytrippin' to the Chicago suburbs in the near future)