Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Treat of the Week: DQ's Heath Blizzard

Wow, it's been well over 3 months since my last trip to DQ. It's so weird, last year I was there every week, now, down to 2 trips, and I may only get in one more trip before they close in the fall. What can I say, there's no comparison. DQ has 2 flavors of software, Uhlman's has like 40 flavors. DQ is 10+ minutes away with traffic lights, Uhlman's is 5 minutes with a light that's almost always green. DQ is in noisy downtown Marlboro, Uhlman's is in a quiet part of Westboro. Sometimes DQ is in need of a dumpster change, Uhlman's always has a pleasant fresh breeze. Yeah, I'm rambling, but you get my point, DQ has fallen far out of my good graces.

Today though, I made an exception. I went for a haircut, and that gets me over half way to DQ, so I went over and got my long time favorite, a heath blizzard. I'm also very partial to the Reese's peanut butter cup blizzard, but it has to be well blended. Well, my Heath Blizzard was overflowing and did not disappoint. The summer help is always so much more generous with the candy chunks then the cranky dude who works there all year long (no offense cranky dude, but gotta call it like i see it). It was well blended and every bite was tasty. I'm sure I'll be full for the next couple of hours.


Dawn said...

I wish DQ would start making the Bumpy cake Blizzard. You know the chocolate cake with white filling under the bumps of Chocolate glaze frosting? mmmmm, mixed up with vanilla ice-cream, what could be better? Talk about Yummo!!! It's my Birthday....it's all I want.

Hunter-m3 said...

Where's the kitkat blizzard DQ?